Closet Overhaul

“Building an incredible and wearable wardrobe is truly life changing, and I am grateful that everyday I get the opportunity to make clients’ fantasies of the perfect wardrobe a reality.”

Creating the ultimate incredible and wearable wardrobe is truly life changing and merges three (3) RiStyCloset Overhaulled services to save clients precious time, money and aggravation.   The closet overhaul brilliantly delivers a closet full of clothes with gorgeous collections of outfits that are hand chosen to fit perfectly and suit each client’s unique personality and lifestyle!   Giving clients a wardrobe with endless possibilities while taking their personal style to the next level emanating confidence, sophistication and elegance.

After eliminating the unflattering and outdated pieces from a client’s existing closet and identifying the missing key wardrobe essentials, the shopping begins with a well thought out plan focusing on specific key pieces needed and strategies on where to find them. With Rita’s fashion expertise, access to hundreds of vendors, private labels, and up and coming designers, you are sure to get incredible and unique pieces without overpaying.

The result is a brand new cohesive wearable wardrobe that seamlessly integrates the existing pieces with the newly acquired, giving clients hundreds of gorgeous head-to-toe outfits for whatever the day may bring.  Whether you’re running a fortune 500 company or a household full of kids, need to attend an important meeting or last minute event, with your own personal LookBook, you are never left wondering what to wear and always prepared with the perfect outfit to choose from at your fingertips.

Never run out of looks, get dressed without the stress and always show up as your best self, looking effortlessly chic.