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Glowing Athletic Windbreakers – Vollebak's Solar Charged Jacket Glows in the Dark (

Vollebak’s Solar Charged Jacket Glows in the Dark

Vollebak’s Solar Charged Jacket is a new piece of athletic gear that’s yet another creative piece of innovation from the apparel company. After releasing a midlayer jogging shirt in “the world’s most visible color” and a hoodie designed to last longer than the wearer lives, the company’s new product is a windbreaker that collects sunlight to glow in the dark.

The Solar Charged Jacket is made from a lightweight, see-through, light grey material. During the day, it looks like a relatively plain windbreaker and rain jacket that keeps its wearer shielded from the elements. During the night, though, the jacket’s safety features leap into action. Thanks to its glow-in-the-dark material, the jacket is far safer than other nighttime athletic gear, since it can even keep wearers visible in environments where there’s no other light (places like mountain trails or forest runs.)

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