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Minimalist Basic Tee Lines – KANCO by LIFUL is Both Stylish and Comfortable (

KANCO by LIFUL is Both Stylish and Comfortable

Fashion is often dominated by over-the-top looks and dramatic aesthetics, but KANCO by LIFUL is hoping to bring consumers back to basics, through releasing a minimalist T-shirt line that’s chic and practical.

The new Spring/Summer 2018 collection consists of only the essentials but ranges from sweat shirts to colorful baggy tees. A majority of the items arrive in pastel hues, offering consumers a little taste of spring to help make it through the drab winter months. The oversized clothes are perfect for layering, and help achieve a stylish yet comfortable aesthetic.

The line consists of minimal branding, but features the brand’s parrot logo subtly stamped onto each item. The entire line is available starting January 31st.

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