Meet The Stylist

Long before Rita was the name and face behind RiStyled, she was fascinated with fashion, which is what hems together the perfect makings of a stylist that has a heart for what she does. While studying fashion and marketing in college she landed her first professional gig creating displays for an eyewear company in New York.  This would later propel her into her career as a Personal Stylist in Miami where she was sought out by celebrities, athletes and philanthropists.

When meeting a new client Rita always starts out with a questionnaire to assess each client’s style and individual needs.  It may surprise you to know that every single person on earth has a style that’s uniquely theirs and Rita helps them get in touch with it. She then brilliantly creates gorgeous looks that highlight one’s features and attributes and through an APP on a smart phone allows clients to instantly see their newly refined appearance.  Sounds like a confidence booster to me!

Rita’s vision is to expand her brand and business worldwide and develop a new APP that makes outfit planning simpler for everyone. Just one more way technology helps us create incredible and wearable wardrobes so we can always show up as our best self and live each day to the fullest.

Rita’s favorite designer is Chanel aka Coco Chanel, French designer whose real name was Gabrielle Bonheur. She loves Chanel because “Everything is so timeless, whether it be blazers, suits, or handbags. Chanel has a way of taking something classic and giving it a twist all her own.”

Her advice to all students of fashion and those who aspire to become stylists: “Always stay true to your own style regardless of trends.” “Trends fade but style sticks with you beyond concepts of time.”


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