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Rebel Wilson Was Hospitalized After an On-Set Accident

Rebel Wilson was taken to the emergency room in an ambulance on Tuesday after suffering a fall.

The actress is currently filming Isn’t It Romantic, co-starring Liam Hemsworth, in Long Island, but an accident on set lead to a hospital trip and a mild concussion. Despite the head injury, Wilson returned to the movie set that evening and posted an Instagram to let her fans know that she was alright.

“Started the day with a fall that led to a mild concussion … yet somehow looking not bad at 7pm,” she wrote. “Thank you to everyone on Long Island who helped me today in the emergency room & ambulance x.”

She added on Twitter: “Slaying my mild concussion suffered today! Won’t be doing any crazy stunts the next few days though!”

While we don’t know how the fall happened, we do hope Wilson steers clear of any more “crazy stunts” going forward.

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Stay safe, Rebel!


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