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Screw-Free Spring Hinge Sunglasses – The ROAV Sunglass Eyewear Collection Fits Wearers Perfectly (

The ROAV Sunglass Eyewear Collection Fits Wearers Perfectly

Sunglasses are designed with arms that are held onto the front lens section using screws, but the ROAV sunglass eyewear collection aims to change this for a more durable design. The ROAV sunglasses are screw-free and are capable of completely folding down into a size that’s small enough to carry in your pocket or just about anywhere else.

The ROAV sunglasses utilize micro-spring hinges on the temples and on the bridge, which ensure a customized fit while also making them capable of folding down to the perfect size for portability. The ROAV eyewear sunglass collection is available directly from the brand, which releases new styles each month in a number of modern, contemporary and retro aesthetics to satisfy wearers of all kinds.

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